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For nearly a decade, Solaris Energy and our non-profit partner, The Atmosphere Conservancy, have been providing project finance, project development, and asset management services for low cost solar energy systems serving schools, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. Solaris Energy is now providing these same renewable energy solutions to commercial, industrial and utility clients nationwide. Our customers save money on energy costs while improving the environment, have more money to serve community needs and build companies, while our investors typically receive consistent, stable returns. Our experienced team makes building a solar project easy with our efficient in-house financing options, development and asset management services, and mission-based impact commitment.


Solaris leverages business opportunities and merges carbon reduction strategies for non-profit organizations and growing businesses to improve their economic and community impact, lower their carbon footprint, and achieve their goals.


Solaris seeks to benefit communities around the country economically, socially, and environmentally via the development of renewable energy systems and technologies for non-profit entities and impact conscience companies.


With the installation of solar energy systems, Solaris helps prevent thousands of tons of carbon from being released into our atmosphere. The growing renewables industry positions Solaris as a valuable partner for non-profits and businesses to invest in a brighter future.

Our Team

Alex Blackmer Chief Executive Officer

Alex Blackmer has been providing solar project development and finance services for low income and nonprofit organizations throughout Colorado since 2008. He is CEO of Solaris Energy and Executive Director of The Atmosphere Conservancy, which work together to combine the strengths of a non-profit and for-profit to open the solar market to both for-profit and non-profit customers. In the past two years he has raised over $5 million in private investment capital for solar projects in seven states. He is past President of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, a grass roots advocacy and educational group which has been promoting renewable energy in Colorado since 1994. He lives with his wife in an off grid solar and wind powered model home that he designed and built with his construction company, Enersol Design & Construction, in the mid 90's.

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Nick Perugini Partner & Project Development Director

Nick Perugini specializes in non-residential project sourcing, analysis, development, and structured finance, while building strategic partnership alliances. He contributes a diverse background and passion for solar and energy efficiency built upon a lengthy business to business professional career. He has lead efforts in over 170 operational solar projects in nine states, encompassing nearly 15MW. Nick is the President of New Energy Colorado (NECO) an educational non-profit that manages the Metro Denver Green Homes Tour and Solar CitiSuns. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA). He has lived in Broomfield, CO since 1996 and enjoys fishing & adventures with his two college aged kids. When asked, you might hear him say, "I've found my calling in solar."

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Jes Rawley Operations & Finance Director

Jessica Rawley is a Business and Financial Operations Manager with over 11 years’ experience in start-ups, social enterprise, small business, and nonprofits. She has experience in business planning and operations, financial planning, systems implementation, human resources, accounting, and marketing. After an early career with Habitat for Humanity and Small Business Development in the Peace Corps, Jessica received her MBA in Social Enterprise where she co-founded a renewable energy company. She then worked at Colorado State University and a local co-working space where she created educational programs and coached startup entrepreneurs on building businesses from great ideas. Jessica is now the COO of Solaris Energy and a Senior Analyst with an angel investor organization, focused on building and capitalizing impact-driven companies.

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S.M. Sonne Operations Coordinator

S.M. Sonne has been contracting for The Atmosphere Conservancy and Solaris Investment Group since 2014. She has held the rolls of Solar Data Intern, Operations and Maintenance Associate, Systems Operations and Maintenance Specialist, and Asset Manager for projects exceeding 3.5 MW of solar production per year. Susan was voted onto the Colorado Renewable Energy Society State Board in 2015 and became Development Associate for the organization as well. She has previously contributed to the formulation of award-winning Pangea Organics Lip Balm and the design of their seed embedded fiber-molded bar soap clamshell packaging. S.M. Sonne holds a Solar Executive MBA Certification.

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Julia Sullivan Asset Manager

Julia brings 9 years of industry experience, a love for the solar community and knowledge of building scalable processes to create more robust operations to Solaris Energy’s expanding portfolio of assets. She got her first taste of building businesses in 2007, at 19, when she joined the founding team of Shoeboxed.com, which just sold in 2018 as a 100 person company. The skills she learned there helped her create processes for a young Standard Solar, Inc. to successfully leverage $4.5m in incentives for 450+ customers, to build Kenergy Solar into a $2.5m/year business, and to lead the transformation of 15 domestic markets and dozens of international markets from stagnation to profit, including Australia ($10m/yr), Scandinavia ($2.5m/yr), and Turkey ($7m/yr), for Stion Inc., a domestic panel manufacturer. In her free time, she is exploring ways to make housing more agile and adept for the climate change era. She also loves skiing, climbing, hiking and all water sports!

The Atmosphere Conservancy is our 501(c)(3) non-profit partner that helps develop community-based renewable energy projects for non-profit organizations, schools and faith based organizations nationwide. With the help of community members, donors and partners, The Atmosphere Conservancy is able to leverage financial resources to build solar projects for our non-profit clients. Through these solar energy projects, The Atmosphere Conservancy is merging the environmental impact of clean energy with the economic impact of cost savings for non-profits, allowing them to spend more money on their mission and service to the community. The Atmosphere Conservancy is committed to bringing clean energy to communities throughout the country, providing economic, social and environmental impacts. The mission of The Atmosphere Conservancy informs all that we do at Solaris Energy, pushing us to achieve excellent performance on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

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