Over the last decade, our team has worked closely with project developers, Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) companies, and system maintenance experts across the country to build, finance, and manage solar projects . We build smaller systems that don’t interest other developers as well as larger projects up to 5MW creating a true partnership opportunity to deploy more solar. With the demand for clean, cheap energy growing exponentially, we will continue to forge partnerships and connections to help meet this demand, and to realize a brighter future.


How we work

Solaris Energy works with EPC partners, project developers, and other financing partners to provide financing solutions, project development services, ownership, and asset management for energy systems ranging from 100kW to 5MW. Because we develop projects that are too small for most developers, and serve energy clients that others don’t, we often step in to complete a viable project where most shy away. This allows for strong partnership opportunities with industry professionals.

We deeply understand the solar industry, and how complicated developing solar projects can be. We are able to step in as much or as little as needed to ensure solar energy projects are completed for our clients and partners. Our diverse financing options include project ownership investment, tax credit financing, and low interest loans. Our experienced, hands-on team can provide advisory services at any point in the development process, including anything from a turnkey project build out to simply executing a Power Purchase Agreement and other contracts. We also continue our involvement as asset managers, both for the projects we own and projects owned by others. Our dedication to monitoring performance and doing system maintenance ensures continued energy production and satisfaction for energy clients.