At Solaris Energy, we provide a suite of services making it easy to deploy renewable energy systems for customers and partners across the country. Our passion drives us to focus on working with small businesses, non-profit organizations, investors, and other solar professionals who are not only interested in the cost savings and investment returns realized with solar energy, but also the positive community and environmental impacts clean energy delivers. We provide our clients with diverse financing options in partnership with lenders and investors, development advisory services to help get projects built, and asset management expertise to ensure reliability and continued cost savings. With projects under development in Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, Virginia, Vermont, New Jersey, Missouri, and California we are growing the solar industry wherever creative finance solutions are needed.

Financing Support

We provide financing support for solar projects sized between 100kW and 100MW by using a mix of lending, equity investment, and tax equity incentives. All project loans are repaid with, and return to investors is realized through, monthly payments for the power generated by the system. Using a Power Purchase Agreement, the energy consumer is contracted to buy the solar energy produced for 20-25 years at a set rate typically below market rates compared to other energy types. For investors, equity and tax equity incentives can be powerful investment tools to realize significant ROI and tax savings.

Development Advisory Services

Our experienced team can provide a wide range of support through project development advising services. Building a solar project can be complicated and time consuming, so we work with municipalities, businesses, and non-profit partners to help develop solar projects at any stage of the process. We have also worked with local government and utilities to develop renewable energy programs including Boulder County, the City of Fort Collins, and the Town of Kersey. If you don’t know how to get started, we can walk you through the process and help put all the pieces together.

Asset Management

Once a solar project is generating energy, it requires consistent, experienced data monitoring and maintenance. We have a portfolio of projects currently under management, taking care of all the data collection and analysis, scheduling routine maintenance, billing and invoicing to ensure timely loan payments and investor returns. Solar projects are long-term, fixed-asset based investments, so asset management by those knowledgeable with the industry, and the specific system, is critical for both the energy user and the investor.

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